Chilled Water


Chilled water systems are often used to manage the temperature and humidity levels in large buildings.  Common examples of where chilled water system can be found are hotels, airports, institutional buildings, and sports venues.
Chilled water systems are demanding, operating between -4°C and + 15°C (25°F and 60°F) for control of heat gain and condensation control, and in high humidity environments, the vapor drive can be relentless.
Poor insulation material selection, incorrect installation or damage to the vapor retarding foils can leave the insulation system vulnerable to failure and result in costly problems associated with moisture and poor indoor air quality.


FOAMGLAS® ONE insulation is impermeable to water and water vapor. As such, the material provides constant thermal efficiency throughout the life of the system, greatly reducing long-term energy consumption. It is a high-performance, long-lasting solution for chilled water systems.

Consult Pittsburgh Corning's Technical Services for guide specifications covering the latest information about design, installation and maintenance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.


Typical Configuration for Service Temperatures between -4°C and + 15°C (25°F and 60°F): 

  • A single layer system of prefabricated insulation shells (PSH), segments (PSG) and shapes is generally sufficient for this temperature range.
  • Joints shall be sealed with a PITTSEAL® sealant appropriate for the application.
  • Coating, jacketing or cladding shall be applied for aesthetics or where mechanical protection is required.



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