Steam Distribution

Many municipalities and institutions operate district heat systems which are comprised of steam generating stations and piping used to deliver heat or power to buildings. These steam systems should be insulated to reduce heat loss, improve operating efficiency, and to protect personnel from potential injuries.
Some insulation materials are susceptible to moisture absorption, a severe threat to steam lines.  Absorption and boil off can damage the insulation, and longer term, moisture penetration can result in pipe corrosion and related safety issues.
FOAMGLAS® ONETM insulation is impermeable to water and water vapor. As such, the material provides constant thermal efficiency throughout the life of the system, greatly reducing long-term energy consumption and improving system safety.  It is a high-performance, long-lasting solution for steam distribution systems.

Consult Pittsburgh Corning's Technical Services for guide specifications covering the latest information about design, installation and maintenance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.


Typical Configurations for this Application include:

  • The StrataFab® System - a unique, proprietary method of forming and fabricating FOAMGLAS® insulation for use in many hot and high temperature service applications. 

  • The PC® 700 K System - a single or double layer system of prefabricated insulation shells (PSH), segments (PSG) and shapes reinforced with an appropriate cementitious compound and supporting scrim.

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