Above ambient / High Temperature Piping & Equipment

These applications involve refining processes, hot oil or asphault, heat transfer fluids, hot or super-heated steam and specialty process industries. 
When thermal efficiency is lost due a poor performing insulation system, energy consumption can increase dramatically.  This can be avoided by using the appropriate insulating material and system.
The consistent thermal efficiency of FOAMGLAS®  ONE™ insulation makes it an ideal solution for the operating requirements of high temperature industrial applications.

Consult Pittsburgh Corning's Technical Services for guide specifications covering the latest information about design, installation and maintenance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.


Typical Configurations for this Application include:

  • The StrataFab® System - a unique, proprietary method of forming and fabricating FOAMGLAS® insulation for use in many hot and high temperature service applications. 

  • The PC® 700K System - A single or double layer system of prefabricated insulation shells (PSH), segments (PSG) and shapes reinforced with an appropriate cementitious compound and supporting scrim. 

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