Tank Base


Benchmarked as the Industry Standard
Since the 1960's, tank builders worldwide have trusted FOAMGLAS® insulation as a core component in tank base insulation systems, and today thousands of hot, cold and cryogenic tanks are supported by FOAMGLAS® insulation systems. 

In fact, FOAMGLAS® HLB insulation is a core component of over 90% of the world's Liquified Natural Gas tanks base insulation systems, a critical application requiring high load bearing capabilities and thermal insulation properties.





Consult Pittsburgh Corning's Technical Services for guide specifications covering the latest information about design, installation and maintenance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.


Design Considerations

The actual design of a load bearing insulated base is a specialized engineering discipline and numerous qualified companies have their own preferred design and construction procedures.
When designing a load bearing insulated tank base system, many factors must be evaluated in determining the specific type of FOAMGLAS® HLB insulation and capping system to be employed.
These include, but are not limited to :

  • tank height
  • type of liquid to be stored
  • storage temperature
  • preferred application procedures
  • local environmental conditions such as earthquake requirements
  • load during hydro testing
  • existence of non vertical forces


Typical Configuration for Cold & Cryogenic Tank Base Applications:
LNG, LPG, LN2, LOX, Ammonia, Ethane, Ethylene


Typical Configuration for High Temperature Tanks Applications:
Hot Oil, Asphault, Solar Salt

  • Single layer system of high load bearing FOAMGLAS® insulation
  • Layer of sand, oil-sand mix or sand asphalt mix as levelling and pressure distribution layer

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