Prefabrication: Tailor-Made Solutions



FOAMGLAS® ONE™ Insulation and our high load bearing grades can be fabricated into a variety of shapes and sizes allowing for fast installation and superior insulating performance for a variety of industrial and commercial pipe and equipment insulation applications. 

Prefabricated FOAMGLAS® Insulation products are available worldwide from our distributors or from Pittsburgh Corning's Central Fabrication Operations in the Czech Republic and China.

See our list of standard prefabricated component pieces as delivered from Pittsburgh Corning's Central Fabrication Operations or contact your nearest distributor for regionally available prefabricated products.




  • Minimizes on-site cutting. Every FOAMGLAS® insulation prefabricated element can be delivered tailor-made for your project.
  • Increase the speed of installation. Just unwrap and install the FOAMGLAS® prefabricated elements.
  • Easier to fit. FOAMGLAS® prefabricated elements are easy to install with simple tools like a hand saw.
  • Removable for inspection. FOAMGLAS® prefabricated elements can be easily removed for maintenance purposes.
  • Easier handling. Large sections of FOAMGLAS® prefabricated elements are packed in easy to handle quantities.
  • Unlimited possibilities. FOAMGLAS® fabrication processes are flexible enough to handle virtually every size and shape in the industry.
  • Better installed quality. FOAMGLAS® prefabricated elements eliminate variability sometimes found with on-site cutting