PC® 700K System

PC® 700K system combines the benefits of FOAMGLAS® ONE™ Insulation with a two-component inorganic mortar and a glass fabric reinforcement for superior high temperature or cyclical performance.
The mortar is based on a specially formulated glass powder, fillers and a modified silica dispersion. The cloth is a wide-mesh, alkaline-resistant glass fabric. These fabric and mortar components are offered by Pittsburgh Corning, or are available as pre-applied system



  • Factory-applied
  • May extend the working temperature beyond that of a traditional single layer system.
  • May reduced the number of insulation layers
  • Improves high temperature or cyclical system performance
  • Wide application temperature range
    Straight forward installation


System Components: 
See Products or Resources pages for the Product and Safety Datasheets for the various system components.

  • Prefabricated FOAMGLAS® ONE™ Insulation
  • PC® 80 Mortar
  • PC® 150 Fabric