The StrataFab® System

The StrataFab® Insulation Billet is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning using a proprietary bonding adhesive to create a uniform, multi-layered stack of FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation block. The StrataFab® Insulation billet is then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements.
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Service Temperature range from -100°F to 900°F (-73°C to 482°C)

  • Low-Temperature piping
  • Medium and high-temperature piping
  • Heat-transfer fluid piping
  • Direct burial and underground
  • Cyclical piping
  • Live application
  • Retrofit or maintenance


Do not use StrataFab® System below ground or indoors when operating conditions are expected to reach or exceed 500° F (260° C).




  • Wide service temperature range
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Non-absorbent
  • Impermeable to water and water vapor
  • Dimensional stability
  • Constant insulating efficiency
  • Single layer application
  • Direct application to hot surfaces
  • Prefabricated billets
  • Cuts easily with CNC machine


See Products or Resources pages for the Product and Safety Datasheets for the StrataFab® Billet.